Wednesday 10 July 2013

Tales of the Imp - The Interview

Thanks to Rosen as always for featuring the latest Tales of the Imp darbble on Indie Book Bargains. Thanks also to Vicki for the wonderful artwork!

Tales of the Imp - The Interview

I felt nervous. I didn’t want this job, what fun is working in a bank? Sure the money was better and I’d work fewer hours. The Imp pointed out that I’d have more time for writing – which sounded good.

A pretty secretary called me into the office. I walked in, shook the man’s hand. His suit fitted him much better than mine did me.

“Hello, please sit down. Why do you want this job?”

The Imp leapt from my shoulder and climbed into the man’s brain through his ear.

I didn’t say a word and I was offered the job.

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