Sunday 21 July 2013

Film Review - Deathwatch

Deathwatch is an excellent horror film. It's set during World War 1 (a neglected war for film in my opinion) and a British unit attacks the German trenches. During the attack some of the soldiers get lost and discover a mysterious trench in no man's land. There they discover a horror greater than the war they've already endured.

I enjoyed watching this a lot, it's a very visceral horror, but includes sinister in its repertoire as well. It starts from the awfulness of going over the top and just keeps building from there. I'll admit that there's some dodgy acting in there, but that doesn't diminish how much fun the film is.

There's an interesting mix of characters in there, who react to the horror in different ways. The mud and filth is a horrible setting in its own right and serves as a perfect backdrop for the film. This is well worth checking out if you like your horror films.

Follows the story of nine British soldiers during the First World War, who evade capture by hiding themselves in a network of enemy trenches. But what they uncover there leaves them filled with terror.

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