Sunday 21 July 2013

Film Review - Skew

Skew is a horror film about three friends that go on a road trip together. One of them has a camera and insists on filming throughout the trip. He sees some strange things with the camera and terrible events follow in their wake.

I quite liked it, although I can't say that it's a great film. The main issue for me was that the main characters aren't really that likeable, so maybe I was just hoping that something awful would happen to them. That aside the story progresses quite well, it's well paced. It doesn't rely on gore, which is a plus in my book and has a few creepy moments.

Overall, it's ok, worth a rental, or picking up cheap. It doesn't set any new standards, but is reasonably entertaining.

Horror following three friends who set out on a roadtrip in high spirits only for an ominous presence to gradually turn their dream into a nightmare. Simon Lacey (Rob Scattergood), Richard Harrison (Richard Olak) and Eva Hansen (Amber Lewis) have been looking forward to exploring the open road together for a long time and happily film their departure. However, when mysterious events contrive to put them under great stress, they are in danger of turning on each other and changing their holiday film into something else altogether.

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