Saturday 31 December 2022

John Milton Biography Draft Complete

It's finally done! The blockage that was adding the John Milton biography is done. It'll need another content pass further down the line and a bibliography section will need adding as well.

As the Day in Milton's Life proved to be so short but also such a colourful glimpse that I'll work that in as well. For the AI art tooling  I'm shifting away from Midjourney as I'm not a fan of prompt censorship especially when they want real money from me.

But for now, let's discover some of Milton's life :

Tuesday 27 December 2022

One Last Message


It seems our ever-unstable cultist left a message before mysteriously disappearing...

Things the go bump in the night


I wondered what had happened to the final addition and now I need to nuke my house from orbit...

Sunday 18 December 2022

Mike's Reviews - Raven Forge Tactical Hatchet

Hi everyone! - I'm just trying something different here as I've grown more interested in playing around with videos helping with the GSD Welfare Fund and would love to do some more of my own projects with it. Starting with reviews of the various things I collect like the edged weapons and old books (well mostly Paradise Lost) seems a good place to start, so here's my most recent purchase.

It's rough on the edges, but I can fix those as I go along if this becomes more of a thing - which I hope so as I quite enjoyed putting this together :-) Anyway here's my review of Raven Forge's Tactical Hatchet from their new Tactical range.

If you're interested in one for yourself then check it out here and they have plenty of other cool stuff:

Please note that I'm not sponsored by Raven Forge but if they'd like to I could be persuaded :-)