Tuesday 2 July 2013

Sun Dragon First Draft Finished!

Good news everybody! I've completed the first draft for Sun Dragon. This is the story of the first manned Mars mission. The Curiosity Rover has discovered life on Mars, not signs of life, actual life. The world has never been so excited and unites in putting together the mission to visit Mars and investigate the worm creature.

The mission reaches Mars and discovers something far more than they anticipated.

That's all you get for now :-) I'll put the draft to one side for now, I have some short stories to work for (including my submission for the Off the KUF anthology: http://www.kuforum.co.uk/kindleusersforum/thread-14004.html) I should be able to get back to this book late in the year and I'm planning on releasing it in the spring of 2014.

For those of you waiting for 'An Odder Quintet' that's what I'll be working on next and after that I'll be writing the first draft of 'The Last True Demon'. Busy times!

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