Friday, 26 July 2013

Book Impressions - The Hell Season by Ray Wallace

I enjoyed reading this a lot. It tells of a man who wakes up to find his family and everyone else has vanished. It then starts raining blood. From that promising start it continues to build. I liked the story, it deals which a subject matter that I enjoy, namely the Apocalypse and while the sequence of events may be familiar the take on it is refreshing and stands alone well.

The author uses an interesting mechanic of mixing first and third person. A risky strategy but he pulls it off well, it provides a nice blend of the events as well as more introspective thoughts.

I found it very much a story of two halves. The start and the build up is excellently done. There's a real sense of mystery about the horrors that are happening. Unfortunately the reveal felt a little flat. That's not to say that it's bad, far from it, it just doesn't stand up as well as what preceeded it.

Overall this is a very good read, if you like reading about the apocalypse then should you should give this a try.
Thomas Wright awakens to discover that his family has vanished. None of their possessions are missing. The clothes that they slept in are still in their beds. All too soon it becomes apparent that nearly everyone in town has disappeared, that only he and a few select others remain.

Then the sky starts to rain blood.

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