Sunday 26 January 2014

Film Review - Aftershock

This film is an average exercise in shock horror and gore, once it finally gets going. Unfortunately it takes half of the film to get going, so long in fact that I almost gave up. The set up isn't anything special, there is a group of men enjoying themselves in Chile, going to parties, clubs and seeing the sights. They meet a group of girls on a similar trip (with one exception, the miserable woman in the group) and go to the party of all parties.

It's at this party where things finally get going in the form of an earthquake, things then go rapidly downhill for the party goers and the residents of the area. Pretty much everything that could go wrong then proceeds to do so.

The film isn't terrible, but its not very inspired either. When it gets going it's brutal, but it not in an imaginative way, it just piles on whatever could go wrong. The production values are decent, the cast do a reasonable job, but nothing really stands out. It's on ok watch, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

Co-written, produced and starring Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), Aftershock is an unsparing horror of epic proportions that takes the disaster movie genre to a terrifying new level. Relentlessly gruesome and intensely unsettling, this is a dark and thrilling journey that you will never forget. Gringo, Ariel and Pollo are travelling through Chile in search of adventure, women, and as much fun as they can possibly handle. Their destination is a remote and idyllic coastal town that feels just like paradise. But their nights of hedonistic abandon comes to a nightmarish end when an earthquake strikes. Rising out of the ruins of devastation, deadly criminals take to the streets, and as the three friends struggle for survival, society collapses around them and the body count keeps growing.

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