Sunday 26 January 2014

Tales of the Imp - A True Gentleman

The latest Tales of the Imp drabble has been posted in today's Indie Book Bargains newsletter (you can sign up to the newsletter on their website: If you haven't read the rest of the Tales of the Imp newsletter you can do so here:

Fans of the Imp can read his origin story in the Off the KUF anthology, available from Amazon here:


A True Gentleman

Like all good things that amazing first date came to an end, my usual nervousness returned as I escorted her home. Should I kiss her? The Imp said yes and so we kissed and she tasted of strawberries, which was unexpected but not unpleasant.

She invited me in and I was very much up for that idea, but the Imp said no. A bit unfair I thought, but he seems to know best, keep her keen for next time was his advice.

Besides I had some test to undergo before I first mated, I wonder what he meant by that?

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