Wednesday 22 January 2014

Book Impressions - Ravenfold by Kath Middleton

I'll confess from the start that this isn't ny usual type of read, however I'm a fan of the author's drabbles so I was curious to read her debut novel to see if her longer work matched her ability for the shorter form. I'm pleased to say that it did and while it might not have been my usual genre I enjoyed reading it a lot.

The story tells of a young girl whose parents arrnage a marriage for with the local lord, a tyrant and generally not a pleasant person. The tale unfolds at a reasonable pace in the form of a grandfather telling his granchildren about her life. It's a historical drama, but the focus is very much on the characters involved, rather than being a strictly period piece.

It's a testament to the author's skill that I was drawn into the story and cared for Romelda and her family. In places it is brutal, but there's also some light amidst the darkness and the balance made for a fun read.

The author has a talent for writing and the book is very impressive for a debut novel, I'm already looking forward to her next work.

Fourteen year old Romelda Bolt lives at a time when a woman is a man’s property. Her parents, promised wealth by a local lord three times her age, marry her off. A brutal and bullying relationship is born.

Romelda’s life will change the course of history in her village. Can she and her pet raven change the family’s future too?

A novella of approximately 40,000 words.

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