Saturday 11 January 2014

Film Review - Poltergeist II

I'm a big fan of the original film, in fact in my opinion it is a classic and I recently watched the third film and realised that I had never seen the second. Well that has now been remedied and in fairness I wasn't expecting much, but it managed to surprise me by being a pretty good sequel.

It continues where the first film ended, the family have moved away (sensible really as their original home disappeared) and are now living a life without television. However the spirits that tormented them are still after them and so spooky things start happening again.

It's fair to say that this isn't as good a film as the first, but it is a decent horror. As can be expected the effects have aged badly, but that doesn't detract too much. What the film does excel with is the oddities of the characters. The little girl remains one of the weirdest little girls you will encounter in any film (although the whole family have their moments), but the prize goes to the old man as the baddie of the show. He is a very creepy old man and they could have made more use of him.

Throw in the grandma with too many teeth, an old Indian warrior and the tiny medium and you have a fair mix of crazy people. The story unfolds at a reasonable pace and get's quite mental towards the end. The finale is a bit over the top, but what the hell, i went with it and it does provide a satisfactory conclusion.

All in all it's an entertaining film that shows it age, but is still worth a watch.

The sinister, supernatural forces return in this heart-pounding, otherworldly thriller filled with “jolting, state-of-the-art special effects” (Leonard Maltin). The Freeling family (JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Heather O’Rourke) settles into a new home following the annihilation of their former residence by terrifying visitors from the netherworld. But the spirits of the dead are still hell-bent on luring the family’s clairvoyant daughter Carol Anne to “the other side”.

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