Friday 13 September 2013

Murder Drabbles - An Accidental First

As you all know I'm a huge fan of writing drabbles (100 word stories). The drabble below is the first in a series that will feature in a book project I'll be working on next year, so look out for that! Thanks as ever to Rosen at Indie Book Bargains for posting this in her daily newsletter.

An Accidental First
I didn’t mean to kill her, hurt her yes, but not kill her. One moment she screamed the next dead at my feet.

Shocked was the only way to describe my mental state in that instant. An accident, yet I had carried the knife, something I rarely did. It was my favourite blade as well, sharp from hours of constant attention.

If she’d kept her mouth closed then this would never have happened. Clearly her own fault rather than mine.

Yes, her fault, but now my mess to clean up. Thanks Penny, I bet that wasn’t even your real name.

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