Tuesday 17 September 2013

Book Impressions - Death to Love by R.M.F. Brown

Set in Germany not long after World War II Death to Love is a murder mystery that starts with the disappearence of a noted academic. It all becomes a bit more complicated when British soldiers stationed in the area also start getting killed.

I enjoyed reading this, the investigation works well and Jens (the lead character and investigator) is an interesting character. You really get inside his head and appreciate the tribulations that he's experiencing.

What I also enjoyed were the different glimpses of various attitudes in Germany in the aftermarth of the war. This added some depth to the overall story that I appreciated.

The writing is good with the occasional glimpses of genius, there's some lovely turn of phrase in the writing. Overall it's a good read and an interesting story, recommended.

Struggling through the German winter, Inspector Jens Falkenberg is forced to confront his dark past as the webs of intrigue spiral out of control. A leading academic has gone missing, British soldiers are being murdered, and rumours abound of a treasure trove of Nazi gold resurfacing…

Death to Love is available from Amazon (and is a decent read)

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