Sunday 1 September 2013

Guest Post - Introducing 'The Final Requiem' by Joe Donahue

Today's guest post is a little different, Joe Donahue introduces his forthcoming book 'The Last Requiem' through one of the main characters in the book.

You can follow Jonathan's work on his website:

"Hello all, my name is Azrael. I am an archdemon and quite easily the most important character in the book called 'The Final Requiem.' Chances are you have not heard about it because it has not been published yet. The creator of my world, Joe Donahue, is planning on self publishing it sometime in the next several weeks.

Trying to spread the word about the impeding release of his creation on the world, Joe Donahue has had me working tirelessly on writing these guest blogs for you mortals to read. I find the entire process belittling. Why should I be trying to coerce a mere mortal into participating in something that would allow them to bask in the brilliance that I am. I find it abhorrent enough as it is that I'm not the main character of this novel. It doesn't matter though. Mr. Donahue continues to wave his ability to completely wipe me out of existence in his world so I continue to write these guest blogs.

Since you are here reading this you obviously know that this blog is called The Cult of Me and is primarily geared towards to genre of Horror. That is amazing! I revel in the topic of Horror. Terror and fear are both elixirs that I have an insatiable thirst for. I love that there are creators of worlds out there that focus primarily on enticing fright. I don't call them writers. They do much more than just put words to paper. They create worlds! If I can ever pull myself away from this mound of guest blogs that Mr. Donahue has assigned to me then I think I will make it a personal point to read some Horror novels. Maybe I could learn a few things. It's not likely, but there is a slight possibility.

The novel I am in, "The Final Requiem," has some shades of Horror, but it is far from being a Horror novel. The most frightening creatures are beings that we call the Fire Dwellers. They, of course, were all my idea. They have been the greatest resource in this ongoing war between us and the angels. Their grotesque efficiency is exhilarating to witness. Only the most loyal to the cause of the demons can become a Fire Dweller. Every Fire Dweller must prove their loyalty by killing their family and setting themselves on fire, burning themselves beyond recognition. What is left behind is a soulless husk of a human that feels no pain and holds no remorse.

I appreciate being given the opportunity to write about such a fun topic. I love the topic of Horror and Fear and it is something that I could write on for hours. However, I am sure the person that runs this blog doesn't want me to ramble on for pages about the enjoyment I get from the terror of others. I hope you have enjoyed my little addition to this space and I hope you continue to read the blogs here. There really can never be enough Horror in the world."

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