Friday 13 September 2013

Book Impressions - The Dark Victorian: Risen

The Dark Victoria: Risen is the first volume of a series of stories set in Victorian era London. This is a mild flavour of steampunk, but with a supernatural twist. The story concerns two agents of a secret agency that combat supernatural terrors that inhabit the city. In this case they are tracking down someone who is reanimating the dead, the dead then go on to to commit horrible murders.

The two agents are themselves reanimated, the first (Jim) is simply a skull who has been partnered with Art. She has only just been brought back to life and part of the interest in the story is her self discovery along with the case they are tracking.

I enjoyed reading this, the story is well put together, the writing is solid and it keeps you interested until the end and then teases you for the next book. I would have liked to have seen the thread about what is going on behind the scenes a little earlier, as it is it feels a bit tacked on.

My only other minor issue is that I've read a few books recently set in this time period and they did a much better job of conveying the feel of the time. Don't get me wrong this is far from bad, but lacks a strong self of location. Still that's only a small complaint and this is a fun read.

Oh and I liked the cover as well!

It is 1880 in a mechanical and supernatural London. Agents of Prince Albert’s Secret Commission, their criminal pasts wiped from their memories, are resurrected to fight the eldritch evils that threaten England. Amidst this turmoil, Jim Dastard and his new partner Artifice must stop a re-animationist raising murderous dead children. As Art and Jim pursue their quarry, Art discovers clues about her past self, and through meeting various intriguing women—a journalist, a medium, a prostitute, and a mysterious woman in black—where her heart lies. Yet the question remains: What sort of criminal was she? A new beginning, a new identity, and new dangers await Art as she fights for the Secret Commission and for her second life.

The paperback version contains an 'Extra', which is an illustration gallery.

The Dark Victorian Risen is available from Amazon

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