Sunday 29 September 2013

Film Review - Savage

 Savage is a story about the consequences of violence, it revolves around a young press photographer who suffers a terrible assault in the city where he lives. The attack itself is brutal and leaves scars both physical and mental. It then follows how he handles the experience (not well!) and the ultimnate outcome.

The film is a good watch, the vision of Paul's disintergration is well shown and as the cover blurb says is reminiscent of Taxi Driver, although doesn't really come close in terms of overall quality. That being said it is a solid film and worth watching, the main character is well portrayed and the supporting cast also do a good job.

The events play on some of our fears for those familiar with inner city violence, although it doesn't delve into their existence, it sticks totally to Paul's experience, so they are portrayed mostly as monsters, which from his perspective is reasonable enough.

I thought the end was a little overdone, but it did work in the context of the film and the final scene is quite effective. I did feel for the charcter throughout the film even though he's not a likeable character. Overall this is a decent watch.

Paul Graynor is an aliented press photographer who lives in a threatening and hostile city and it was only a matter of time before he became the victim of a serious crime. Finding himself the subject rather than the purveyor of an inner city tabloid story, Paul tries to come to terms with the attack though the scars both physical and psychological prove impossbile to heal. As Paul struggles to come to terms with his ordeal his metamorphosis begins - from victim to avenger.

Savage is available from Amazon (and it's a good watch)

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