Sunday 1 September 2013

Film Review - Apartment 143

Apartment 143 is a horror film about a family in a small apartment by an angry ghost. A research team try to investigate and stop the threat. Story wise it's nothing special, although it does have a few good tricks up it's sleeve.

In many ways the film is reminiscent of Paranormal Activity, it's not as slick, but does have it's good points. It feels rawer and as such has a bit more impact. What it does lack is characters that you feel for. The dad and the daughter give it the old college try, but ultimately they fall flat.

What is does get right is the atmosphere. It feels claustrophobic and has a few creepy moments, making good use of the research team's equipment set up. It's not enough to save the film, but does stop it being a complete waste.

Overall it's ok, but nothing special.

A team of parapsychologists set out to investigate a series of strange phenomena taking place in a newly occupied apartment.

With the residents plagued by telephone calls with no caller, mysterious shadows, flying objects, and exploding light bulbs, the team attempt to contact the “other side” in order to bring peace to the apartment.

However, the investigation grows increasingly dangerous as the team delve further into the apartments mysteries and they near the point of no return…
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