Sunday 15 September 2013

Book Shout Out - The Macabre Collection by David Haynes - On Sale Now!

David Haynes has written some of my favourite horror that I've read in recent times. This is no overstatement, he conveys the feel of Victorian London with real talent and brings the darkness into the light. Well good news, The Macabre Collection (which contains three books: Mask of the Macabre, Ballet of the Bones and Seance of the Souls) is currently on sale (only until the end of the month, so grab it now!) for only 77p (99c for out American friends), so there's no excuse not grab this collection immediately!

Do I sound too enthusiastic? That's because I am, this is an indie horror talent that deserves to be wider read - and that's coming from a man trying to sell his own books :-)

Here are my thoughts on the three books:

I've previously read the components of this collection and can say that this is some of the finest horror I've read in a while, the author truly gets the feel of Victorian horror, here's what I thought of the individual parts:
Mask of the Macabre:
This is a collection of four stories that connect with each other. They are set in Victorian London and is written in a style reminiscent of the penny dreadfuls of the time.

The writing is excellent and stands out compared to the more economical modern style we're used to. The description is lovely and the horror of the stories is remarkable.

Ballet of the Bones:
After reading the previous collection 'The Mask of the Macabre' (if you haven't read that yet - you should) I picked this up immediately hoping for more of the same and I wasn't disappointed. While it follows on loosely from 'Mask of the Macabre', you don't need to have read that to read 'Ballet of the Bones', but as I've already said, if you haven't you should.

'Ballet of the Bones' follows the same format of four short stories that weave in and out of each other. My favourite was the story about the grave digger, but they were all good. The setting is Victorian London and the writing matches that of the period.

Seance of the Souls:
A new horror classic from David Haynes. Having read his previous two short story collections I was sure this would be a good read and I wasn't disappointed. The format has changed slightly, this is a novella rather than a short story collection. The story is set in the same era (Victorian London) as the short stories, but you don't need to have read them to enjoy this - although if you haven't read them yet then you should!

The story itself concerns a young man who has lost everything and his quest to right that wrong. The writing describes his journey perfectly and the style fits the period. Reading it I am drawn to writings of the greats from that age, but also the ornate darkness and gruesomeness of the 'penny dreadfuls'.

There is nothing in this book not to like. The cover is a work or art. I loved this book. If you enjoy proper old fashioned horror tales then you have to read this book. It is simply splendid.
All in all this collection is a must read for all horror fans!

You can get the book now from Amazon

Step onto the shadowy streets of Victorian London and experience the terror of The Macabre Collection.

Three books of horror for your darkly delicious entertainment...

Mask of the Macabre

The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of a murderous London...

Mask of The Macabre - A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show. But what secret does it hide?

Doctor Harvey - Bethlem lunatic asylum's newest patient has a story to tell, but how will he tell it to his doctor?

Memento Mori - A photographer is given a mysterious assignment with disturbing consequences.

The New Costume. - The entertainer discovers a new string to his bow and gives the finest performance of his career.

(13,000 words in total)

Ballet of the Bones

London suffocates under the festering reek of its bursting graveyards.

Ballet of the Bones - The curtain goes up on the greatest show on earth, but is everything all it seems?

The Bone House - The grave digger reflects on his morbid life, but what does his future hold?

The Engineer - His creations are beautiful, intricate and for a discerning palate.

Encore - The director makes ready for the end of the show.

13,700 words.

Seance of the Souls

January 7th 1855
Brookwood Cemetery, London.

A boy weeps beside the grave of his dead father; his infant sister clings to his leg. It is another pitiless blow for a life already stained with blood.

When all those you hold dear have been taken from you, where do you find solace?

In the arms of the dead, for the living no longer care.

A story of Victorian terror, where all is not quite as it seems...

This is novella length and totals approximately, 21,500 words

The Macabre Collection is available on Amazon (it's a must read and currently only 77p!)


  1. Michael, thank you for this. Its extremely generous and very much appreciated.

    1. No problem, it's a good read, everyone should buy it :-)