Friday 6 September 2013

Film Review - Conan the Destroyer

The sequel to Conan the Barbarian this is a fun watch, but nowhere near as good as the first film. In this film Conan is tasked with helping a young girl fulfil a prophecy. As with the first film the story isn't anything special, it's all about watching Conan in action.

The main problem with the film is that is was softened to reach a wider audience. The first film was rough and had a dark aspect to it, this one is lighter and relies more on the character interaction. It's far from a bad film, it's full of entertaining moments, in fact some of the components are superior to the original. For example Arnie is more comfortable in this film making this Conan a bit more world wise and as before he has some good one liners, but these are more quips than the dramatic tones of the first film.

It also has better effects and fight choreography, although that does make the fights seem more staged, although the fight with the Queen's guard is still entertaining to watch.

As before the soundtrack is superb. All in all it's good, but lacks the strength of the original, still worth a watch though.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a vengeance in the sword and sorcery adventure Conan the Destroyer. The powerful hero Conan (Schwarzenegger) has been commissioned by evil Queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) to safely escort a teen princess (Olivia D'Abo) and her bodyguard (Wilt Chamberlain) to the magic Horn of Dagon. Conan soon discovers, however, that the queen plans to sacrifice the princess when she returns and inherit her kingdom. Now he and an unusual group of allies-including the eccentric wizard Akiro (Mako) and the wild woman Zula (Grace Jones)-must defeat both mortal and supernatural foes in an epic, sword-wielding battle with the fate of the entire world at stake.
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