Sunday 15 September 2013

Film Review - Little Deaths

The French have a saying 'la petite mort', it means 'the little death', a slang term for orgasm. The wonderful turn of phrase is the inspiration for this trio of short films. Each is an exploration in sexual horror.

The first story House and Home, concerns a middle class couple who have peculiar tastes. This was my least favourite of the stories, it's wasn't a bad story, just a little obvious.

Mutant Tool is the second story and this was more interesting. It's mad scientist tale about an experimental drug that has some very strange effects, the horror comes from its source. It's a gritty story that builds nicely to a grim conclusion.

Bitch is the final story and the best of the bunch, this one is a simpler revenge story, but has an interesting path and I appreciated the climax.

Overall it's an interesting watch that tantalises and captivates, it's a little rough around the edges, enough so that it stops it from really shining, but well worth a watch.

Trilogy of shocking and gruesome stories about sex and death, from three of the UK's hottest horror film directors. 'House and Home', by Sean Hogan (The Devil's Business), 'Mutant Tool', by Andrew Parkinson (I, Zombie), and 'Bitch', by Simon Rumley (Red, White & Blue, ABCs of Death), delve into the dark side of sex and its horrific consequences, in this collection of exciting and highly original modern horror tales.

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