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Guest Author Interview - Patricia Reding

 Welcome to the latest guest author interview, in today's interview Patricia Reding takes her turn in the hot seat and tells us about her writing:

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
At the outset, I thank you so much, Michael, for this opportunity. In response to your question, I am Patricia Reding, author of Oathtaker, published in March 2013. My day job is practicing law. I find that the law and writing are similar in that one is always practicing. Both are arts that are refined and improved over time. Outside of my work, I am still raising children and I have a number of other hobbies like performing in musical dramas, gardening and yoga.

What first inspired you to start writing?
I read a fantasy series a few years back that left me begging for more. I kept wondering how the author had managed to do what he did. I would ask myself—did he know in book one, that some little fact or bit of history would become such a critical piece of a story told somewhere down the line? I was so taken with the skill of the author that I decided that I had to try for myself. It has been an amazing journey. . . .

And what attracted you to writing fantasy?
It was the greatest challenge—and I’ve never done anything small. Writing anything is difficult, but for me, creating a new world that requires its own order, social mores, legal system, history and so forth, was the ultimate challenge. While anything goes with fantasy and in a new world, the pieces must play together seamlessly. If they do not, the reader will feel his intelligence has been insulted.

If you could spend a day with anyone from history, who would it be and why?
Ronald Reagan. While this may seem an unusual response, I have read much of what he wrote and have read and/or listened to many of his speeches. Regardless of whether one likes his politics, it is certainly the case that he was utter genius when it came to words. He did not just speak—he communicated—and really, is that not what every author seeks to do? Not just to write words, but to communicate events, ideas, feelings, dreams, and so on?

What is your favourite word?
Oh, this is a good one! I love odd and seldom used words. One of my favorites is “gallimaufry.” It means a hodgepodge or jumble. So, imagine a gallimaufry of gewgaw and frippery. (Hmmmmm.) Another favorite—and one I wish we used regularly is “overmorrow.” Wouldn’t it be so much easier to say, “I’ll see you overmorrow,” instead of saying: “I’ll see you the day after tomorrow”?

Where is your happy place?
(Every time I hear that phrase, I am reminded of the movie, Hook. . . . ) My happy place. . . . Well, my answer to this has a history. I discovered some time ago that there are vacationers and then there are travelers. A vacationer goes someplace so that she can sit on a beach and feel the ocean breezes whisper across her face and can hear the chattering of partially crushed seashells as they roll ashore. A traveler goes someplace to experience the history and to participate in the events that are available there. For most of my life, when away from home, I have been a traveler. However, on two occasions, I was a vacationer. One was with a group of friends right after high school and one was when I accompanied a friend a couple of years ago when she was on business. Both took me to a Florida beach. The second is most memorable because I got to stay at the stunning and luxurious resort, The Breakers. When I close my eyes and think of a place that makes me happy, I think of that vacation. Interestingly, while I was there, I found myself thinking back to the earlier time when I had visited a Florida beach with my friends. So, when I want to be in a happy place, that is the place to which my mind wanders. . . .

What is the best writing tip you have received?
Writers write. That is number one. The second best is: no matter where you start, you will be in the middle of something. Sometimes, as writers, we hesitate to put the first words down, wondering where we should start, what is the “beginning.” I find that if I just start putting words down, the rest comes to me. If there is an important history to be provided, I can fill it in, either with the musings of a character, or with editing. As to the future, well ultimately, a writer is usually moving forward, so the future will play itself out in due course—and sometimes very much to the writer’s surprise!

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on Select, the first sequel to Oathtaker. I am about 400 pages in which means, for epic fantasy, that I’m off to a pretty good start. . . .

Tell us about your latest work and how we can find out more.
My latest work is Oathtaker. It is the story of Mara, a trained Oathtaker, who swears a life oath for the protection of a member of the Select. Once done, her life is on hold. She may not pursue other dreams or loves. So, what happens when she meets someone moments after swearing her oath who was released from his similar oath just moments before? Here is the blurb:

An Oath Sworn.
A Struggle Engaged.
A Sacrifice Required.

When Mara, a trained Oathtaker, is drawn by the scent of the Select to battle beasts of the underworld that were summoned by powers of evil to destroy the guardians of life, she swears an oath for the protection of her charge.

Armed with a unique weapon, her attendant magic and that of her Oathtaker cohorts, the knowledge of ancients and the assistance of a spymaster, Mara seeks safety for her charge from one who would end Oosa’s rightful line of rule and from assassins who endeavor to bring ruin to the land.

As Mara puzzles to decipher ancient prophecy concerning her charge, as she is haunted with memories of her own past failings, she discovers the price her oath will exact.

To renounce her word would be treasonous; to fail, ruinous; to persevere, tortuous.

Abiding by an oath requires sacrifice.

Oathtaker is available at Amazon; at Amazon UK; and at Barnes and Noble.

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