Sunday 20 October 2013

November Short Fiction Contest

Welcome to the latest monthly short fiction writing competition here on The Cult of Me. Every month I post a new picture and you can then write and submit a short story (with a maximum word count of 500 words). At the end of the month I will pick the winners and announce them on this blog.

The winner's stories will be available here (and promoted across KUF, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon and anywhere else I can) and you'll also have a link to your blog or website displayed alongside your story if you win.

Winning stories will also be compiled in a collection later in the year, proceeds from the sales of that collection will be used to help fund the prizes for this competition.

The winners will also receive an Amazon gift card:
  1. First Prize is a £50 gift card
  2. Second prize is a £20 gift card
  3. Third prize is a £10 gift card
Details on how you can enter are provided below and I'm looking forward to reading your entries!

This month's image is inspired by that great horror writer Edgar Alan Poe, that doesn't mean you have to write a horror story, although I imagine one would come naturally from this picture. Covids are apparently one of the smartest birds, so maybe there's a bit of fun to be had in that direction. Whatever angle you decide to take with your story I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with.

I'd like to thank everyone who entered October's short fiction contest, I'll reveal the winning stories next weekend.

Please make sure to check your story for typos before submitting. I don't mind a few errors, but my enjoyment of a story is diminished if I have to wade through too many.

I'll post the winning entries by December 1st 2013.

As with everything in life there are a few rules:
  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. The story must not be longer than 500 words.
  3. Closing date for submissions is November 23rd 2013.
  4. By submitting the story you grant me a non-exclusive license to use it. I'll only post the winning entries.
  5. You also grant me a one time non-exclusive license to include the story in an e-book release.
  6. The judges decision is final.
Use the form below to enter your submission. After you've submitted please leave a comment on this page stating that you have submitted. And please help spread the word. I'm working to make this a regular feature so I need readers for the stories as well as entrants.
As well as comments section below you can chat about this competion in any of the threads I've listed below. If you don't know the sites then entering the competition is a good way to introduce yourself. Note that these sites are not affiliated with the competition in any way!


Goodreads (UK Amazon kindle Forum group):


If you've started you're own thread or discussion somewhere about this month's competition then let me know and I'll add the link to this page.


  1. I submitted my entry for November's competition earlier this evening. Great picture!

  2. Entered! Thanks for another great picture, Michael.

  3. I'm baaack! Love this contest, Michael. Here's my entry for November.

  4. Just submitted my November contest piece.

  5. I'm in! Thanks for hosting this. :)

  6. Submitted The Caw Of Thunder for November, hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

  7. Just submitted my entry. As usual, a great image and the story wrote itself as a result of it!

  8. I just submitted my entry for November's contest - I hope you enjoy it.

  9. Just submitted my entry for November's short fiction contest, really beautiful picture, very inspiring! Thank you!


  10. Just submitted my story. My first entry on your site and I enjoyed writing it as much as I did viewing the picture. Thank you

  11. Hi

    Just entered. great pic as per

    Andrew C-K