Thursday 10 October 2013

Tales in the Imp - Booze and Fire

The latest Tales of the Imp drabble (100 word story) has been posted in today's Indie Book Bargains newsletter (thanks Rosen!), I've also provided it below:

Tales of the Imp - Booze and Fire

The Imp guided me, he didn’t do anything directly and he still insisted that I do everything myself. We followed my boss as he staggered home from the pub. We then waited until all the lights were out before sneaking into his house.

In his bedroom I spread his clothes near the head of his bed. I locked the windows. I then poured whiskey onto the clothes and dropped a lit cigarette.

The clothes spewed smoke and I left as the flames took hold. As I closed the door I inserted a wedge of paper into the hinge to prevent escape.

If you haven't read the rest of the Tales of the Imp drabbles yet then you can see them here:

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