Saturday 12 October 2013

KONRAD4 by C. L. Anderson

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C. L. Anderson's story 'KONRAD4' won second prize in September's short fiction contest. You can read the story below. If you enjoy reading short stories or flash fiction, or you write short stories and flash fiction the why not join my Facebook group:

KONRAD4 by C. L. Anderson

She killed me. I lie here, dying, my energy subsiding, looking at the city we had met in, loved in and now died in…

I chose this blue. I designed that building. I created all those little details that make such a difference. And when everything was perfect I opened up my world and let everyone in, including you.

But you were special, my EMILY5.I thought this time it would be real. I brought you into my world, shared my vision with you, unlike the others.

At first we created together, night after night. We built more of our city, filled it with people and places: memories only we shared. I love you EMILY5. I let you in, but you let me out.

Then, the game really began. People took sides. They always do. You gained more and more points- points you would never have had if I had not created them. But still I was so proud of my EMILY5. I watched you grow, and then I watched you grow greedy.

You switch sides. You kill me, but not before I kill you too. So here we both lie now, swimming in a sea of blue light, viewing the world I created it before it all goes black.

Always. The same. Alone.


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