Wednesday 12 March 2014

Have You Read An Odd Quartet?

A week has flown by with many busy days at work and some actual progress on editing Sun Dargon :-) Wednesday means that it is time for some shameless self-promotion (probably the best kind!), last week I featured my debut novel, so this week I will talk about my first published collection of short satories - An Odd Quartet.

I've written short stories for many years, although I'd never developed them to a stage that I was comfortable sharing them with an audience. After released The Cult of Me I decided that I had to change that and so An Odd Quart was created. As you can see from the book description below it contains four stories (hence the title) all of a horror, or at least dark theme. Darkness is something that occurs in most of my stories to varying degrees.

I'm a fan of short stories (and the even shorter form of drabbles, so of which are included in the later edition of the book), they allow me to explore an idea without commiting to the overhead for a full novel. Quite often there is an idea, or a circumstance that just works in the shorter form. In this collection there are some of my favourites, you can also find a few free short stories here on my blog, my favourite being My Final Confession, you can read it here:

Anyway, if you haven't read the collection yet then I invite you to do so, if you have then thank you for reading and if you've left a review then extra thanks, all reviews are much appreciated as they're a lifeline for indie authors like myself.

Thank you all!

An Odd Quartet is a collection of four dark short stories, each with a twist in the tale.

The Yellow Lady

A grave robber encounters a ghost from a story he was told as a child.

This Empty Place

At the heat death of the universe, the Grim Reaper contemplates his existence.

Forced Entry

A special forces team enters a sunurban house to rescue a family taken hostage, they encounter more than they were trained for.

The Reluctant Demon

A young demon prepares to take his possession exam.

This Drabble Enhanced edition also includes some of my favourite drabbles (100 word stories).

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