Saturday, 1 March 2014

Film Review - Metallica - Through the Never

I've been a Metallica fan since the late eighties although I did stop following their releases after the Black album, still I enjoy their music and I thought that this might be a fun watch. This film is a blend between a live concert and a series of events involving a young roadie who has been sent to help one of the band's trucks which has run out of fuel. The story side is fairly slim with the city becoming more an more unstable, in the beginning it feels like a riot, but ultimately takes on a more fantastical feel.

To be honest the live concert is where its at and on blu-ray its a lovely crisp image and even more importantly gave my sound system a decent work out. Hearing some of the old songs was fantastic and the show itself is quite spectacular, certainly a bigger production than the And Justice tour I saw all those years ago.

The narrative parts add a little interest, but to be honest I would have enjoyed it just as much if it had only been the concert. The two threads come together towards the end, but here it has a detrimental effect on the show and James Hetfield doesn't make a good actor.

Overall though I did enjoy it, I cranked the volume and the bass out and realised that I need more disks like this for my player. Not a great film, but if you enjoy the music it's well worth a watch.

Rock concert and narrative feature hybrid directed by Nimrod Antal and featuring the music of Metallica. The film interweaves live footage of the band playing a selection of songs from throughout their prolific career with footage of one of their roadies (Dane DeHaan) being sent on a mission to retrieve a package from a broken down tour vehicle. But what first appears to be a routine job for the young man quickly turns into a surreal nightmare when he is pitted against a deadly horseman while travelling through the city's anarchic streets...

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