Saturday 1 March 2014

Film Review - Wilderness

This is a low budget British horror film about a group of young offenders who are sent to a deserted island after one of their group commits suicide in their dormitory. With the cover and Sean Pertwee in the cast I thought this would have a Dog Soldiers vibe, unfortunately it's not as good as that film, but it's an ok watch.

Once the group get on the island (and it does seem a bit strange that a group of violent criminals would be sent to the island with only one guard, but hey ho I rolled with it) they discover that they are not alone and that they are being stalked and murdered one by one. The film has a couple of issues, the first is that the group are generally unlikeable, you feel sorry for one and another seems interesting, but other than that they don't really engender any sympathy.

That being said it's not a bad film to watch, its horror is off the sudden attack and gory detail kind (which isn't my favourite type of horror) and it does that reasonably well. There isn't much of an atmosphere, and this is probably the film's biggest failing. The film is based upon the hunt and while there is a bit of the feeling of that it doesn't have quite the weight it should. So in summary far from a great film, but it is an entertaining watch.

Violent British horror. A group of young offenders are given the chance to rehabilitate themselves and learn self-sufficiency skills when they are sent off to a boot camp on a remote island. What they discover is a forbidding landscape inhabited by a vicious psychopath, who starts hunting them and picking them off using an array of horrific traps. Against the odds and the elements, the young prisoners have to learn to work together in order to survive.

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