Monday 10 March 2014

Book Impressions - The Lucifer Glass by Frazer Lee

This is decent short story about Daniel Gates who specialises in retrieving specialist items. His latest job was to retrive a special mirror and from there his employer sends him on a new job. He travels up to Scotland with a rare grimoire in his possession which he is supposed to exchange for some extremely rare whiskey. However things are not quite what they seem.

This is a short story so is over before you realise it and for me that was the only real downer, there was a bit more story here, but don't let that put you off as it is worth the read. Once it got going the strange aspect kicks in and became a lot more interesting. For a short while it had me confused, but then a moment of clarity dawned and everything progressed smoothly to the end.

The author's writing is good and kept me involved in the story and I'll look forward to reading more of the author's work. There's some decent horror in the story whioch I appreciated witgh a nice blend of physical and psychological horror. All in all this is a decent read and I'd recommend it to any horror fans.

"It may cost you your soul. "

Daniel Gates is a fixer. Whatever his client wants, he can get for a price. But the price of his latest assignment is a high one indeed. He is to travel to Scotland to exchange a rare demonic text, a grimoire, for a consignment of even rarer whiskey. Reading the grimoire, Gates learns of the legend of Lucifer s Glass and the unholy trinity of green-eyed demons who protect it. As he does battle with the demons, Daniel realizes too late that there is much more to his assignment than meets the eye. He is locked in a struggle to save his very soul from damnation.

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