Thursday 8 August 2013

Tales of the Imp - Second Thoughts

Here is the latest Tales of the Imp drabble, thanks as always to Rosen for featuring it in her Indie Book Bargains newsletter and to Vicki for the wonderful artwork.

Tales of the Imp - Second Thoughts

“Dead man’s shoes,” he told me.

Unfortunately the Imp refused to do the deed for me. I dithered for days while he whispered what the promotion would mean. More money and my own office, with everyone doing my work for me I’d have even more time to write - great!

But still...

How to do it? Here he was full of advice, but it had to look natural. The thought of murder made me queasy. The Imp soothed my fears, said he’d talk me through it; I only had to perform the act.

The question remained, could I do it?

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