Thursday 8 August 2013

Book Impressions - The Scream of Angels by David Haynes

This is horror writing at its finest. The author takes us back to the beginning of the 20th century, we visit Paris where a theatre of the grotesque horrifies audiences with dramas of blood and agony. I've read the author's previous Victorian era horror stories and enjoyed them immensely and this proved no exception.

The story tells of a writer of the macabre who journeys to Paris and joins the aforementioned theatre to help write new gruesome plays. Paris is an odd contrast of style and horror and the author evokes this wonderfully with his writing. The story is great, a true horror all the way through, but that alone isn't what makes this a great book. The writing itself  matches the style of the time, truly transporting you to a different era. Yet he also manages this while maintaining an easy descriptive style that is a joy to read.

This really is a most excellent read, a must for any horror fans, but be warned, it's not for the faint hearted!

Montmartre, Paris 1901

The city is alive with the spirit of La Belle Epoque - the beautiful era. It is a decadent time of artists and thinkers, of poets and dreamers. 

It is also a time for blood.

The mysterious aristocrat Lord Cresswell offers struggling writer, Robert Bishop a position within Le Grand Guignol theatre, an ancient establishment famed for its bloodthirsty productions and the tortured cries of terror from its patrons.

When he accepts the position, Bishop is thrown into a horrifying mystery. A mystery in which the demons from his own dark past threaten to destroy his soul.

The Scream of Angels is available from Amazon (and you realy must read it!)

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