Tuesday 6 August 2013

Book Impressions - Eclectic: Ten Very Different Tales by Jonathan Hill

I've read a few of the authors books now and I've enjoyed all of them and this was no exception. As the name suggests this is a collection of short stories. Also living up to the title is the variety of stories on offer.

I enjoyed reading the variety on offer, the first and last stories really stood out for me. In the first we journey through the life, in fact it reminded me of a lovely animation I watched a few years back (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZJDNSp1QJA). It has a melancholy feel that really plays on the heart strings.

The last story has similar effect, but in this one we see a young boy troubled at school, but with more serious issues than that to deal with. The collection also sees the first appearence from Maureen, a ditsy elderly woman who features in a few of the authors other books. She is a joy to read about and seeing her visit a modern art exhibition was fantastic.

The author is a talented writer, he weaves in wry humour and touching emotion with equal skill. He's not to heavy handed, but it leaves an impression. An excellent read.

From humour to horror, drama to pathos, this book of short stories will move and surprise you.

Starting with a relationship spanning an entire lifetime in just several pages and ending with a boy's struggles both at home and school, via stories including a woman's disastrous brush with modern art, a teenager's deadly obsession with video games, a man's ghostly encounter and even a humorous poem, this five-star book of eclectic tales has something for everyone.

Enjoy the variety!

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