Thursday 1 August 2013

New Elite: Dangerous Newsletter & Drabble

A scary photoshopped image with me (on the right and Mike, one of our designers on the left) means that a new newsletter for Elite: Dangerous has been released. You can see the newsletter in full here.

The newsletter also contains a new Elite themed drabble by Elite: Anthology writer, Lisa Wolf. To find out more about Lisa’s short story ‘A Question of Intelligence’, as well as the other stories from the Elite: Anthology ‘Tales from the Frontier’, why not head over to their website now!

Today, by Lisa Wolf

The planet below came into view as the Asp emerged from the docking bay. She took a moment to study it; enjoying its beauty from this altitude, though she knew it was now barren and uninhabitable at the surface.

She brought herself back to reality and urged the Asp out of the way of other traffic. Perhaps one day she'd return to the planet she once called home. Perhaps one day it would be habitable again.

Today, however, was not that day. Today a new life began. Today she had her own ship and cargo.

Today she owned the Universe.

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