Saturday 3 August 2013

An Odder Quintet - Getting ready for release

The last few weeks before a new release are always a busy and exciting time. I'm looking forward to what Anita will put together for the cover, you can see what she painted for the previous book at the top of this post. I'll also have to start putting together the release plan, but first I need to finish the text.

My next book is 'An Odder Quintet', it's a short story collection. Writing short stories for me is a slightly different process to writing a novel. The main difference for me is that I don't plan short stories in the same way that I do novels. For me a short story is an opportunity to explore a simple idea. It's also fun to just let the story unfold as you write. I can't do that with a novel, I have to make sure I know where it's going. With a short story if it turns out wrong I don't mind throwing it a way - although I do have a couple of novel drafts that have been binned.

Although there are some differences the main process remains the same. Most writers will admit that writing the first draft is the best part of writing. The ideas are fresh, the writing is new and you work your way through the story.

Many writers will also admit that part that comes next is their least favourite part. Editing is much less glamorous, but no less essential. For me (and most authors) it is a matter of pride, you can't release any work into the world until it's in the best state it can be. As an independent author it's up to me to ensure that is the case.

I'm in the final editing phase at the moment, and I quite enjoy it. There's something satisfying in reading through what I've written and crafted it into something better. I read and re-read looking for problems. When that's done I'll send it to an editor for final checks, no matter how carefully I check a fresh pair of eyes will always spot something I've missed.

There's not much time, but still lot's to do and I love every minute of it :-)

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