Tuesday 13 August 2013

Mega-Dark Book Blog Tour - The Lawmen of Clayton County: A Series Overview

Welcome to the latest Mega-Dark Book Blog Tour stop, in this post Jen Cudmore introduces her series 'The Lawmen of Clayton County'.

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The Lawmen of Clayton County: A Series Overview.

While I don't mind a good story now and again with dark elements, most of what I read and write is in the historical category. I've been doing a lot of talking lately about my first novel but haven't explained much about the other two. Here is a little peek at what to expect from all three stories.

The Lawmen of Clayton County is a series set just after the Great Migration across the Oregon Trail, when settlers began populating the Willamette Valley and spreading out across the territory. I scrunched the fictitious Clayton County between modern day Skamania and Klickitat counties. The series focuses on three small towns, all recently constructed and the settlers' attempt to create a structure of laws and justice. The trilogy has been separated into 6 volumes.

The first story, Athena Creek was just released this summer. It features a marshal who finds himself on the payroll of a controlling entrepreneur and must prove he is under no authority but the law. When he begins to suspect the businessman is a criminal, will upholding the law cause him to lose his job and the respect of the townsfolk?

The second story, Willow Ridge, will be released in only a few weeks. When a man running from the law becomes a hero in a small mining town, he’s not sure he’s worthy of their appreciation. Can he risk staying, which may put the town in danger from the mistakes of his past, or must he continue drifting alone through the territory?

The last story, Castleton, is set to release this winter. The new deputy, a young man of weak constitution who hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps, tries to earn the respect a true lawman deserves. When he keeps failing to meet the standards, he wonders if he’s really got what it takes to do the job. Is determination enough, or will he have to give up his dream of being a lawman?

Jen Cudmore is a historical romance author. She grew up on the Columbia River Gorge and currently resides in Alaska with her husband, two children, two boxers, and a fluffy black cat. www.jencudmore.com

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