Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tales of the Imp - Saved by the Imp

Here's the latest Tales of the Imp drabble, sometimes he's a useful fellow to have around.

Tales of the Imp - Saved by the Imp

It was a tense moment. The drunk towered over me, bits of kebab spluttering from his lips. In a slurred voice he demanded an apology. I had looked at his woman without prior permission.

In a flash the Imp leapt from my shoulder and onto his. The little creature stuck his head in the brute's hairy ear hole.

The next thing I knew, the bruiser had vomited everywhere, all down his front and all over me. He then lurched away in a confused daze.

The grinning Imp hopped back onto my shoulder. For once he smelled better than I did.

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