Friday, 21 June 2013

Film Review - The Crow: City of Angels

I loved The Crow, it was a fun revenge flick. I even enjoyed the third film, but this is a poor film. It follows the same pattern, the same basic story. A man and his son are murdered, he then returns to get his revenge.

The main bad guy doesn't really cut it (although he does play a better bad guy in Firefly, so I'll forgive him for that) and Iggy Pop is mildly amusing to watch strutting his stuff, but the film lacks any charm. The lead is faceless and brings nothing to the party There's no decent one-liners and the fights are a bit rubbish. And the ending must have sounded better in someone's head than it looked on film.

A pretty poor film, you should watch the original instead.

Inhabitants of the City of Angels live within a gothic nightmare orchestrated by a despotic psychopath. Single father Ashe (Vincent Perez) loses his own life and that of his son under the murderous regime, but is allowed the chance of revenge when he is resurrected by a mysterious crow. He is guided on his path by a young psychic woman, Sarah (Mia Kirshner), who saw the crow's mighty powers in action once before when her friend Eric Draven was brought back from the dead.

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