Sunday, 2 June 2013

Film Review - Hellraiser

Hellraiser is one of my favourite horror films, I'm a big fan of Clive barker, both in book and film. The story is an interesting take on the Faust tale, the price of making pacts with the devil. In this case it works on three levels, with Frank deal with the cenobites and the subsequent deals with Julia and Kirsty.

In some ways the film is showing its age, particularly with the special effects, although the resurrection scene is still pretty disgusting. As with most of his work, Barker treads a fine balance between shock and psychological horror.

The cenobites are an excellent creation, especially Pinhead and help carry the latter half of the film.

This is still a fun horror film to watch.  

The spine-chilling tale of a man brought partially back to life by the blood of his brother. He befriends his sister-in-law who agrees to supply the blood he requires to live, but he is still haunted by the evil forces which held him captive in death. This disc contains both pan-and-scan and wide screen versions.

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