Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lavecon - and there was cake!

This is just a quick shout out to the guys at Lave Radio who organised the first Elite: Dangerous convention. Lave Radio is a regular podcast by fans of the game about the development of the game. You can check out their work here:

I drove down to Cheltenham to answer a few questions and a fun night was had by all. Thanks to the Lave Radio crew for organising it and thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and not asking me too many difficult questions :-)

And in a first for me I was featured on a cake! That's me on the right and David Braben on the left - very cool :-)

Thanks again everyone!


  1. Cake! Say no more. A day well spent!

    1. Indeed, it was a long old drive though, 3 hours there and then back again a few hours later. Fun evening though.

  2. Thanks for coming along Michael, it was great having you there. I thought you got off pretty easy with the questions too.


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