Friday, 21 June 2013

June Short Fiction Contest - Only Two Days Left!

The first short fiction contest on this blog is drawing to a close, in fact, if you want to enter then you have only 2 days to do so. On Sunday June 23rd I will be closing the submission form and will be posting the winners by July 1st.

I will also be posting July's competition at the same time, so look out for the new competition page and new image to take inspiration from.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, there have been a lot of great entries. I've received 56 so far and judging them and picking the winners is going to be a difficult, if fun challenge.

So if you want to enter then get your stories in now! You could win a £50 Amazon voucher and there's no entry fee. Use the link below to enter a 500 word story inspired by the image on the competition page:

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