Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Book Impressions - Dark County by Kit Tinsley

Dark County is a collection of ten horror stories set in Lincolnshire and what a collection of stories it is. Each story has a different vibe to the rest covering horror from the very visceral to more cerebral. They are all excellent stories, but two stood out in particular: Hoodies and The Crows.

All the stories are incredibly well written and each managed to have a little twist in the tale that gave a little surprise, making them even more memorable. The writing is of a high quality and I look forward to reading more of the author's work.

This is a superb collection of horror, one that I recommend to any fans of the genre.

The author of BENEATH takes you on a Journey into the dark heart of rural England.

Lincolnshire, a place of beauty and peace, but also a place of bleakness and violence. In this collection of short stories, Amazon bestselling horror writer, Kit Tinsley explores the darkness at the centre of the countryside. The ten tales within cover many aspects of the horror genre, from the supernatural to all too human evil.

Included stories:

A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY - A troubled, married couple seek a pleasant day out, but it goes very wrong when they have an accident on the isolated, country road.

TRACKS - A young, deaf boy tries to prove his bravery by exploring a ghostly local legend, but will he survive the tracks?

THE HOUSE BY THE MARSH - A group of childhood friends find their whole lives haunted by a chance encounter with a derelict old house.

THE CROWS - A career criminal takes on one last job too many.

FEAR AND LOATHING IN SKEG VEGAS - A young man with a gambling addiction owes money to a very dangerous man. Will a meeting with a strange old man save him, or damn him?

These stories and more will open you eyes to what is hidden under the surface of the DARK COUNTY.

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