Wednesday 12 June 2013

Book Impressions - The Spirit of a Witch by Sarah Jane Avory

Since devoting more of my reading time I've found myself reading books in genres I wouldn't normally have considered, it's easier to take a gamble when you're only risking a couple of quid! The Spirit of a Witch is another one of those occasions and I'm glad I did because it is a fun read from a new author.

The story is about a young woman being ground down in the crunch of games development (something I can sympathise with :-) ) who finds herself transported to another world. For the first chapter I was a bit unsure, but the story got going quite quickly after that.

The biggest downer for me was the main charcter, she is a bit of a moaner. In fairness she has a fair bit to moan about. Thankfully her cat comes to the rescue and this was the biggest surprise. I'm not a cat person, but Smokey is an excellent balance to Briley's insecurities.

The writing itself is well crafted and very well polished for a new author. My only slight complaint was the moments of peril didn't quite ring as strongly as they should. That is a minor complaint as the story itself is well paced and leaves a nice opening for the next in the series.

If you like witches, or even just fantasy tales then you should give this a read.

Briley Forester is a shy recluse, a gifted programmer troubled at work, a young woman surrounded at home by a wealthy life of gadgets, her only companion her black cat Smokey.

When a force from beyond the depths of meditation tears her out of reality and dumps her into the village of Maepole, she finds herself trapped within a harsh world without technology, governed by the sword, a grim place where witches, mages and talking cats exist.

Tricked into working as a lowly delivery girl and denied any privacy, her only chance to return home is to overcome her shyness and seek help from the villagers, to foster lasting friendships and rediscover herself. And to learn the art of witchcraft.

But the way home is fraught with heartache and danger, love and despair. The powerful Whitehead family will stop at nothing to be rid of her. And lurking within the forest, the dark spirit lies in wait, ready to strike...

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