Sunday, 9 June 2013

Film Review - Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down is one of my favourite modern war films. The action is superbly filmed and the soundtrack is simply fantastic. It does an amazing job of portraying the confusion of war and the differences between how the Americans wage war compared to some of their foes.

What does stand out is that some would think that it works as propaganda for the US military, but it does highlight the weaknesses of their approach. For example how reliant they are on technology and the rules they set themselves. True these are also strengths.

It's not completely accurate to the events, so it can't be described as a historical film, but as a war film it is great. The audio is great and it looks lovely on bluray. A wonderful film I love watching again and again.

State-of-the-art war movie from director Ridley Scott, based on the US military blunders which took place in Somalia in 1993. Following a series of attacks by warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid on a Red Cross distribution centre, a group of US Rangers are sent on a mission to capture two of Aidid's close associates in the capital city Mogadishu. However, after successfully apprehending their targets, the Americans come under heavy attack from the residents of the city. In the ensuing chaos, a US Black Hawk helicopter is shot down, and the surviving crew find themselves trapped in a confused and relentless shooting battle with the enemy.

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