Friday, 21 June 2013

Film Review - Dracula 2001

While far from a great film it does have a few saving graces, first is the story. It's an interesting take on the Dracula legend, I especially liked the origin. It's also fun to see a young Nathan Fillion and Jeri Ryan in action.

Unfortunately those points aren't enough to turn this into a decent film. It's not a terrible film, but if you're after some vampire action then there are better films out there.

Horror-meister Wes Craven brings Transylvania's most famous son up to date in this 21st century gothic romp. When a group of hi-tech thieves break into a security vault, they fail to find the priceless artefacts they are looking for, and instead discover a crypt which has been unopened for 100 years. They then open the crypt and unleash the terror of Dracula, allowing the old bloodsucker to fly off to New Orleans on a mission to seek out the young girl who shares his dark legacy. Never mind though, handsome vampire hunter Simon Sheppard (Jonny Lee Miller) is hot on the trail, and he's determined to save the girl from Dracula's undead clutches.

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