Sunday, 2 June 2013

Film Review - Hellraiser II Hellbound

Hellraiser II is one of those rarest of things, a decent sequel to a good first film. It takes the strong elements from the original film (unfortunately including the annoying Kirsty) and builds upon them.

Julia's character in this is an improvement, her time in Hell has improved her skills as a femme fatale. The doctor is also an excellent addition. Once again the cenobites make some good appearances and there are some excellent creepy moments early on in the film.

Like the first film it's showing its age, especially in the special effects. For the most part the model and make-up is good, but the visual effects are pretty ropey.

Still, like the first film it remains a great horror watch, but it all goes downhill after this sequel, so I'll leave the series at this second film.

Kirsty Collins (Ashley Laurence) lies in a psychiatric hospital, haunted by the night of unspeakable terror that destroyed her family. Now, only hours later, the nightmare is beginning again. From the blood-stained mattress secreted in his home, obsessive psychiatrist Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham) raises the remains of Kirsty's murderous stepmother, Julia (Claire Higgins).

Together, Channard and Julia unlock the secret of the Lament Configuration puzzle box to release the unlimited horrors and ultimate pleasures of Hell. For the second time, Kirsty must return beyond the limits to the Outer Darkness to confront the darkest desires of hell and free her father's soul. A soul-chilling nightmare, Clive Barker's Hellbound resurrects the darkest horrors of Hell unleashed in his award-winning horror epic Hellraiser.

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