Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tales of the Imp - The Imp Rides a Bunny

Here is the latest Tales of the Imp drabble, it's a light hearted one this time, he's such a funny fellow. As always, thanks to Indie Book Bargains for posting this in their newsletter (http://www.indie-book-bargains.co.uk/)

Tales of the Imp - The Imp Rides a Bunny

Today I discovered one of the Imp's favourite pastimes - bunny riding. Now rabbits aren't the smartest of creatures, but they know that an imp running towards them is bad news. So they did their foot tapping thing and retreated into their warrens. The only problem was that an imp can follow them.

I watched as the poor animal was dragged squeaking out the hole by its ears. It tried to escape, but with a joyous cry the Imp leapt onto its back and held on to the rabbit's ears as it bounced around the field.

His laughter echoed my own.

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