Sunday, 2 June 2013

Film Review - The Nameless

Welcome to a new feature of my blog, as well as reviewing books I've read, I'll also be reviewing interesting films that I have watched. The first film is a Spanish horror film called 'The Nameless'

I enjoyed watching this film a lot, it's a creepy horror thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. The performances are understated which works to accentuate the horror of the story. Along the way you experience some creepy moments. For me creepiness is the mark of a good horror film. All too often films rely on shock or gore to scare the audience, but for me creepiness is much more unsettling. And 'The Nameless' does this well.

If you like horror stories and don't mind subtitles then you should check this out.

Five years after a young girl is murdered, when her mother seems to have started to recover, a telephone call once again shatters her existence: "Mummy, it's me". Helped by an ex-policeman and a reporter expert in the supernatural, the mother sets out on a desperate search for the terrifying truth, a truth that spreads its tentacles through time and space, from the horror of the Nazi Holocaust to the occult fever in the London of the sixties and up to the present day.  After years of lethargy, the horrific secret is about to be revealed. A number: 106, an abandoned motel. They might manage to find the child. Perhaps she's alive and can be saved. But the horror is only just beginning. One of the most effective horror films of recent years, ‘The Nameless’ is a superbly atmospheric film adapted from the acclaimed novel by Ramsey Campbell.

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