Friday, 28 June 2013

Featured Book - Fellowship with Demons by Lexie Conyngham

We haven't had a featured book on the blog for and today we have something different. Jaye Viner (from the  blog) recently read 'Fellowship with Demons' and wanted to give the book a shout out, so here is her review.

If you've read a book recently that you feel deserves wider attention then let me know.

My first foray into the world of Murray of Letho was prompted by curiosity. Murder mystery? Meh, I'd rather watch a movie. Georgian Britain? Jane Austen, sure. But the combination struck me as something I hadn't experienced before. A murder mystery in Georgian Britain, now that's interesting. In a world of books easily falling into the category of 'been here, read that,' this was something new.

Due to the newness, and my inexperience reading much in the time period, the beginning left me slightly disoriented and feeling a drag of details. Truth be told, I am not a great reader and I take pleasure in many other things. My confusion was not due to the author. Conyngham has her milieu well in hand. The structure of society adds to the mystery surrounding the murder rather than merely play the backdrop role. There are plenty of characters to grow into along the progress of the plot, all lively and memorable for their mysterious behavior as well as their need to understand their circumstances. Murray is the protagonist of four previous novels and I had the impression of that history without needing to have read the previous books. All said, it was a lovely romping mystery through an equally mysterious and delightful world.

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