Monday, 24 June 2013

Guest Author Interview - Nadia Kim

Welcome to the start of a new week, it's a little bit miserable out here which means it's a good idea to stay in and read the latest guest author inter. Today we meet fantasy author Nadia Kim.

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
Hello, my name is Nadia Kim, I am a mother of three, a photographer, I take Kung Fu and I love fairy tales and fantasy.

What first inspired you to start writing?
When I was able to write. I was grade school age. My love of reading came when I stumbled upon my first novel Interview with a Vampire. I was hook on Vampire novels and in looking for more works by Anne Rice, I found Exit to Eden which threw me into the world of Erotica. They were the two genres that I loved to read for a long time.

What is your favourite book and why?
This is hard, I would say by far the Harry Potter series. I loved the story and the way the author allowed us to become so intimate with Harry and his life. His world filled with so much sadness and death allowed me to connect to Harry and get behind him as he started his journey into growing up. The action in the novels doesn't leave a person wanting and the drama is enough to leave you on edge, page after page.

Do you have a place where you prefer to write?
I have a special place in my home where I do all my writing.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
I love seeing a story unfold from no more than a mere thought, Idea, or sentence and even like Stephanie Meyer they come to me in dreams. I have the craziest dreams and many times so vivid when I wake up i can write down a whole page worth of information on it.

And the least?
The tireless effort it takes to promote it and get people to read it.

What advice would you give new and aspiring authors?
Review your draft many times, use critique websites to improve your craft even the best writers can improve. And get a good editor to proof read and edit your work before you publish.

What are you working on at the moment?
I have a few projects in the works. Love Curse book 2, and an Interracial Romance that I am co-authoring with my cousin who is also a successful author.

Tell us about your latest work and how we can find out more.
Love Curse is the story of three generations of witches all bound by the same issue. They want the love of a man but when they get it, a sinister force takes them away. Its Practical Magic for the new year. Sidney and Joan are by far at opposite ends of the personality spectrum as well as the fact they exist in different times. Joan is strong and willful and she loves her magic. We join her at the start and enter her magical world. Sidney is a neglected teen just wanting to be noticed. She struggles and faces many challenges along the way. And she has no idea she is a witch. Love curse is filled with drama, lies, secrets and magic and a force that threatens to rip apart a family just like any other.

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  1. Nadia Kim gives some good advice to new writers. Advice that all writers can take, especially this: get a good editor...
    Thanks for posting.


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