Monday, 3 June 2013

Book Impressions - The Light in the Cabin by Tom Miller

The Light in the Cabin is the tale of a young man who is struck by terrible visions of what happens in a log cabin. It's a quick read and the end is a little predictable, but it is a fun, horror read. It builds a good sense of creepiness before unleashing the more visceral horror.

It reads in the present tense, which is difficicult to get right, unfortunately there is the occasional tense confusion. However the writing  is well done and the author does a good job portaying the brutal scenes.

It's a quick read and well worth checking out if you enjoy twisted horror stories.

Larry Caswell just celebrated his eighteenth birthday and is by all accounts your average teenager. He still lives at home with his parents, jokes around with his friends, and he daydreams about all the pretty girls he meets.

Life couldn’t be better for Larry; his family is together again now that his sister’s home from college for the summer, and the prettiest girl in town accepted the invitation to his birthday party.

That is until the night he begins dreaming of an old log cabin in the woods with a mysterious light inside. The things he sees in the cabin disgust him but every time he tries to leave he is pulled back in. He must delve into the mind of a sadistic being in order to save himself.

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