Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Impressions - Bang: Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin by David Wailing

I love the indie book scene. One of its strength is the sheer variety and novelty of the books you come across. I've read some of this author's work before and enjoyed it, but the stories of the Auto series are very different from this longer work.

Except for two key characteristics: Very well written and entertaining.

Yes, this is a fun book to read. The story concerns a man who is for hire for ruining other people's relationships. Not only is it a fun (if nasty) premise, it builds into a good thriller as you try to find out what's going on.

The author writes in a crisp style that makes the story a joy to read, there's surprises along the way that keep you glued to the pages. An unusual read and one I heartily recommend.



So, you've hired a detective agency to prove your partner is cheating on you. But there's no evidence to be found. Who you gonna call?

Me. I am the assassin. Your friend.

Anything your other half secretly desires, whatever makes her give in to temptation... that's who I'll become. Get close to her. Take her out. Bang. That's what a relationship assassin does. Infidelity for hire!

But don't think I'm heartless. I'm a professional. I've got Rules to protect my targets. Rules to stop them getting too close to the real me. Rules that were blown away when three extraordinary women – the seductress, the celebrity, and the office girl – turned my world inside out.

And for a relationship assassin, having an other half was like shooting myself in the heart...

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