Sunday, 23 June 2013

Film Review - Enemy of the State

A fun thriller that I haven't watched in years. Everyone involved puts in good performance, but Gene Hackman makes it as he generally does. Will Smith is pretty good in this as well. It's about a lawyer (Will Smith) who accidentally receives a tape that shows the murder of a congressmen. It looks at electronic surveillance, which is appropriate considering the news at the moment :-)

It's well filmed and an entertaining watch. The story is well paced and builds to an excellent climax. It's also a bit of a who's who for actors, there quite a few known names in there doing bit parts.

Great fun to watch and probably one of Will Smith's better films.

The National Security Agency is a covert organisation whose secret activities are protected by a state-of-the-art surveillance network operated by a team of first-rank techno-boffins. When a videotape proving their involvement in a recent political assassination falls into the hands of Washington DA Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith), the Agency do everything they can to encourage Dean's silence. But Dean is determined to reveal the truth, and teaming up with veteran anti-establishment surveillance expert Edward Lyle (Gene Hackman), he decides to play the government spies at their own game.

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